Best Brackets Extensions For Web Developer

Best Brackets Extensions

What is Brackets?

Brackets is an open source code editor and it is developed by Adobe.

Brackets is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. This is one of the best open source code editor.

Best Brackets Extensions for web developer :

1. Beautify

Download Beautify

Beautify Extension makes your code good looking. This extension will makes your code more readable, clean and clear2. sdfasdf

2. Emmet

Download Emmet

Emmet is the most important toolkit for web developers. It is a Brackets extension to wright code easily and clearly. There are lots of options in emmet to wright code easily.

3. Color Picker

Download Color Picker

Color Picker extension will show you color form your css color code. It can help you pick colors easily. Just hover your css color code and see original color.

4. custom work

Download custom work

Creates a bar on top of each editor for manage tabs, with a button for toggle sidebar and many more.

5. Indent Guides

Download Indent Guides

Show indent guides in the code editor. You will find your code start line and end line easily.

6. Minimap

Download Minimap

The minimap shows a smaller version of your code at the right of the screen. You getting more scroll capacity by minimap.

7. Brackets WordPress Hint

Download Brackets WordPress Hint

Are your WordPress plugin or Theme Developer? This extension will help you to writing WordPress Themes/Plugins.

8. Tomorrow Night theme

Download Tomorrow Night theme for Brackets

It is really nice theme for brackets. If you want to use dark theme. Use this one.

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