Add or Remove Capabilities to User Roles in WordPress Using a Simple Plugin


Are you running a multi author wordpress site? Then you will need to add multi user role capabilities for different users. In this article, I will also describe how to add or remove custom user role in wordpress using a simple plugin called User Role Editor.
To start this process you need to install and active this plugin to do it.

Download User Role Editor Plugin.

User Role Editor Dashboard Menu

New User Role Editor WordPress
New User Role Editor WordPress Plugin

After download plugin  simply install and active. Let’s start our works process. Form WordPress Dashboard go to User and User Role Editor. You can see form Image.

Now take a look at your dashboard User Menu, you will see there is one new sub menu called User Role Editor. Click to user role editor to create a new user or remove any user capabilities. There is lots of options about user. To add new user role follow next step.

Add New User Role

Add New User to WordPress
Add New User to WordPress User Role

Adding a new user role you have to click Add Role and create new User Role from there. After creating a new user role, yo can assign capabilities to that particular user role.

You can easily edit user role capabilities

user role to edit capabilities
You can easily edit user role capabilities

From capability manager screen, you can load a user role to edit capabilities. Just select User Role and check permission from below then update.

You can rename User Role add permission etc. This plugin is very simple to use but please be careful and understand what each permission level means.

Register Post Type

Sometime we are facing some problem with Custom Post Type permission. If you are not found any options to select permission for your custom post type. To create user role for custom post type you have to add some code called “capability_type” and “map_meta_cap” in register post type function. Replace feedback with your custom post type name. Now you are able to add user role to your custom post type.

 'capability_type' => array('feedback','feedbacks'),
 'map_meta_cap' => true,

I hope this article helped you to add or remove capabilities to user roles and create a custom user roles in wordpress. If you have any question you can comment below.

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